What are the 5W's

The essential questions that underlie the understanding of some phenomena

And these questions can be refined by using the Krugman & Partners system.









Why do you need Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence is all about gaining more certainty.

Competitive Intelligence is a tool that gives an edge over competitors. Using the right skills and expertise Competitive Intelligence will spark creative, strategic thinking. And result in better-informed decision-making.

Decisions that are based on more certainty and insight. Not hearsay and rumors and gut feeling.

There is a cliché that says “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” suggesting that the best strategies fail because culture prevents their successful implementation.

Intelligence, however, eats both culture and strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and asks for more.

The implementation of a Competitive Intelligence system results in:

We help find more certainty to answer the questions you need to know. To give you the competitive advantage to beat your competitors and dominate markets.

We collect and process relevant information to assist you in business decisions, so that the business you run will go on safely and be convinced that you are on the right track.