Market Insight, Strategy Development & Business Reinvention for a Financial Services Company


This case study explores how Krugman & Partners helped a well-established financial services company, with over 20 years in the market, reinvent its business model to adapt to the new business paradigm and thrive in a modern, vibrant business ecosystem. 

Market insights, competitor profiling, and strategic planning was done in order to enhance the client’s business.

Client Background

Industry Financial Services

Need to understand evolving market dynamics, competitor strategies, and to develop a robust plan for market share increase and efficiency enhancement. 

Market Tenure  
Over 20 years


To conduct an exhaustive market insights analysis and competitor profiling.
To assess potential market development opportunities and refine market positioning.
To analyze pricing strategies and develop a comprehensive communication strategy.
To identify and evaluate competitors’ intentions and potential market impact.



The client gained a deep understanding of the market, including nuanced customer needs and preferences.
Detailed knowledge of competitors’ strategies provided the client with the ability to anticipate market moves effectively.
The client was able to adjust their market positioning, aligning more closely with customer expectations and market demand.
Insights into competitors’ pricing strategies enabled the client to refine their own, ensuring competitiveness and value proposition.
The new communication plan improved customer engagement and market presence.
The strategic plan provided a roadmap for market share growth and enhanced efficiency over a defined period.

Client testimonial

After 20 years in the financial services market, adapting to the new business paradigm seemed daunting. Krugman & Partners not only helped us understand the modern market dynamics but also guided us in reinventing our business model. Their strategic insight has been invaluable in positioning us within a vibrant, ever-evolving business ecosystem.

Owner, Financial Services Company