Strategic Market Expansion and Positioning for a Leading Mineral Resources Company


This case study highlights the strategic partnership between a national-level mineral resources company and Krugman & Partners. 

Our Competitive Intelligence (CI) team played a crucial role in guiding the client’s intention for expansion into the Southeastern European market, enhancing their market positioning, and reinventing their business strategy.

Client Profile

Mineral Resource Extraction

Seeking to strengthen market position and explore new opportunities in Southeastern Europe 

Large-Scale Operations at National Level


To conduct a comprehensive market analysis for potential expansion in Southeastern Europe.
To identify and assess competitor positions and market opportunities.
To develop a robust marketing strategy based on the strengths and opportunities of the client.



The client gained an in-depth understanding of the market, including key players, customer preferences, and regulatory landscapes.
With tailored insights, the client repositioned their products to better meet market demands and differentiate from competitors.
Leveraging the CI insights, the client revamped their marketing strategy, focusing on their strengths and market opportunities.
The client streamlined their operations to focus on the most profitable and promising market segments.
Post-implementation, the client observed a significant improvement in market share and revenue growth in the new region.

Client testimonial

Krugman & Partners provided us with unparalleled insights into the market. Their comprehensive analysis and strategic guidance were instrumental in our successful market expansion and business reinvention. We are now more confident in our positioning and future growth prospects.

CEO, Mineral Resource Company